Hi!–I mean howdy. I’m Carli. You’re probably here by mistake.

If not then I guess you’re here because I use this place as a more thought out bio/personal page since many social sites are a little restrictive on how much content you can bombard somebody with all at once.

Earlier this year I deactivated my Facebook and noticed a positive improvement to my overall wellbeing. I’m a glutton for punishment though so of course I went back again to glean from its hellish landscape but it didn’t take too long to realise that everything is terrible and many of us would be a lot healthier if this forbidden (albeit rotten) fruit of a website imploded and vanished from this plane of existence. I also deactivated my Twitter account and main (non private) Instagram.

There’s no good reason to be connected with random high school classmates from decades ago who only sought you out to sell their shitty MLM makeup or supplements anyway. I’m tired of participating in a ceaseless boasting machine where everyone lays their accomplishments and wildly personal information out with wide, forced, toothy smiles. Perfect white teeth of course.

This year has been horrible and hard, but huge and positive in regards to the amount of personal growth I’ve achieved. From rampant depression, to being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, to leaving a volatile workplace, and then to some freelancing that ended in failure due to complications of said diagnosis. I’m finally reaching out to the proper outlets and getting the help I need to live a good life. I refuse to be a victim of anything that I can personally change.

Pretty deep and heavy stuff for you, random viewer - who probably only clicked on this link because I’m a girl that made a stupid fart joke on a website somewhere, but whatever!

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